Public Speaking

Muna’s public speaking engagements center on Self empowerment.

Muna’s consistent message is that the real power of change lies in the mind, and that peeling off the layers of social and mental conditioning is the only way to access this power.

Whether it be dismantling sexism in society or empowering ourselves in our personal life, the only way to induce real change is by changing our mind about who we truly are, and raising our self awareness so that we connect with our True Self, rather than act from the socially constructed self concept.

Changing our mind and raising our consciousness is much easier said than done. Muna’s own rich life experiences and her methodical mind training gave her rare insights into the HOW of achieving Self knowledge, which she shares in her public speaking engagements.

By engaging with Muna in a public conversation you can expect to find out:

How the socially constructed self concept is the root cause of all problems, including sexism and gender inequality.
The deep fear embedded in the mind that drives us to obey social conditioning, especially for sex and gender.
Ways and means of undoing social conditioning and accessing knowledge of the True Self.
How to invite real change into your life, into society and into the world at large.

Muna Jawhary