Know the Truth
And the Truth shall set you free

Get rigorously coached and mentored by Muna Jawhary, an authentic self empowerment coach and mind training mentor.

This is your opportunity to receive the highest-level coaching and mentoring for true self empowerment. Find out how to expand your self-awareness and power up your decision making abilities. Connect with what truly makes you happy in this life and how you can pursue your happiness unencumbered. Redefine success in on your own terms, and decide the best way to achieve it for yourself. Learn the real meaning of communication with others and the secrets to happy lasting relationships.

Buy Muna’s book, ‘Women and False Choice: The Truth about Sexism; How to Fight Sexism in the Workplace’.

This is a ground breaking book that reveals the real causes of sexism and sex inequality, and why ‘gender equality’ remains elusive in the 21st century. Find out why working women still lag behind men in the workplace and how to turn the workplace into a gender-free environment. Explore with great depth how gendered self concepts endured throughout the centuries. This is a bible for women empowerment, and a must have for anyone looking for answers on how to redefine and recalibrate women’s and men’s relationship in society.

Book Muna for a speaking engagement to gain insights into gender equality, women empowerment, self awareness and self fulfilment.

Muna Jawhary is an accomplished public speaker who confidently and methodically delivers valuable information on the gendered self concept, and its enduring power in creating and recreating gendered societies. Muna’s talk will reveal how both women and men can become more self aware self fulfilled human beings. Muna’s talk will blow your mind wide open as she uncovers the processes of the mind and how everything you see in your life begins and ends with your mind, putting the power of decision back in your own hand.

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